Supplier development

Development of the suppliers to achieve required level of quality and service

As the result:

  • costs reduction for buy parts nonconformities;
  • reduction of delivery timing failures;
  • harmonization of control procedures or cancel incoming control process as non-value added;
  • build up a reliable supplier chain.


  • Tasks definition, document the targets to be archived as a result of supplier development.
  • Collect the information about current situation.
  • Define and agree with Customer and its supplier the action plan and resources needed.
  • Implementation of activities.
  • Final evaluation of the project results, reporting to the Customer.


  • access to expert’s knowledge. The range of purchased products or services in each organization is wide and it is not possible to have in the organization structure the experts with knowledge in all areas. Consulting company LELAP has the possibility to involve in the projects experts with competences in various industries, including experience of working abroad.
  • reduction of fixed costs for suppliers’ quality control specialist.
  • timely information.
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