Improvement of processes

Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes

As the result:

  • increase the competitive advantages;
  • increase the efficiency by excluding excess activity, costs for non-compliance, re-structuring;
  • achievement of process KPI;
  • elimination of internal problems.


  • Identify key processes for improvement activities implementation, fix the actions, project timing and results to be achieved
  • In-depth and objective investigation of the process based on input data, results, resources, responsibility and personnel functions
  • Development of improvement actions. Agreement on resources needed
  • Build the team, development of the Customer staff
  • Changes implementation
  • Evaluation of the results


  • overall evaluation of processes interaction. Evaluation criteria could be:
    • customer internal requirements;
    • legal requirements;
    • external suppliers, partners requirements.
  • use of proven expertise. The actions recommended by LELAP experts are based on real-life examples and implementation practice in different companies
  • objectiveness of the information. Often the process users do not notice, intentionally hide or not motivated to inform the management about inconsistencies and risks of the process. Reported data is not reliable and do not allow to take timely and correct decisions. The involvement of third-party expert eliminates such kind of problems. When the process is running correctly the outputs are expected ones but not accidental thus increasing the interest and satisfaction of the process users.
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