VDA 6.3 Process Audits

The methodology was developed by German Organization responsible for standardization of automotive standards and approaches.

The methodology is unique by its approach to audits separating the block of questions into product lifecycle. By using the appropriate block of question one can perform separately or together the audits of product development stage, process development stage, supplier management, project management as overall process, serial production. VDA 6.3 can easily be used as R&Rate audit tool, Project readiness assessment tool and supplier potential analysis. Moreover using VDA 6.3 assessment tool you can evaluate more than one product and process at the same time but having the results separately for each product group). The results will be visualized in percentage and A, B, C level of quality.

The tool can be used both by small and big companies operating in different industries.

Depends on your target VDA 6.3 can give you a standardized multi staged complex approach to audits or/and a very clear simple tool for the audits.

As a result of using VDA 6.3 you will increase the quality of your audits, you will save time needed for the audit, and you will improve the process for tracking the nonconformities status.

The company LELAP conducts process audits according to VDA 6.3 by accredited personnel. Audit reporting can be provided to all interested parties.

For more information please contact us on info@lelap.ru

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