ISO 9001

Pragmatic approach to sustainable long-term success.

The focus of the standard is the organization itself, its goals and development. Quality management system (QMS) today is not just a prescribed model by ISO 9001 and not a complicated documentation system. Today ISO 9001 is a set of time-proven successful management practices that allow you to build and develop processes in order to meet customer requirements and expectations and achieve strategic goals.

The concept of consulting services:

  • Modular program of consulting services: collection of information, training and motivation of personnel, development and verification of documentation, support in QMS implementation, etc.
  • The scope of services depends on project objectives and timing.
  • Possibility to make changes in the order and scope of services.
  • Mutual work with personnel and company management.
  • Project timing: from 3 to 9 months.
  • Objective evaluation of the results.

For whom QMS is intended?

The ISO 9001:2015 intended for any organization, manufacturer, developer, supplier, craftsmen or service provider.

Economic feasibility of implementing the quality management system is achieved in case:

  • customers are requesting ISO 9001 certificate or will request in the nearest future or there is a legislative, regulatory requirements;
  • small company turned into a big one and building of quality management system is the condition to keep its advantages;
  • company needs to improve the transparency and cost-effectiveness of the processes;
  • product manufacturers whose quality inconsistencies lead to product liability risks;
  • company is working in foreign markets;
  • company needs to improve its productivity, efficiency and innovation.
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